Opiate Addiction Detox

Opiate is a term that is used for describing any kind of narcotic opioid alkaloids. These are usually found in natural products present in the opium poppy plant. Addiction to opiates is an extremely serious illness which results in hopelessness, depression and at times death.

Opiate addiction can be defined as a brain disease in which one develops an increased tolerance to opiates, thereby resulting in the increasing consumption of opiate substances in order to achieve the same effect. One can be physically as well as psychologically addicted to opiates and the best detox would be an intense inpatient opiate addiction program.

Although opiate addiction is an extremely serious illness, the silver lining is that it is treatable. However one thing that you need to keep in mind is that this kind of addiction is extremely different from addiction to other substances. At present, the only substances that are approved by the FDA for treating opiate addiction are buprenorphine and methadone.

Being synthetic opiates, both of these substances have their own addictive tendencies. Getting off or quitting opiates isn’t an easy task. The first step that one has to take in this regard would be to get a detox. This process can be defined as the removal of all traces of the drug from the patient’s body.

Facts about Detoxing from Opiates

Detox is not only effective in eliminating opiates from the patient’s body but it also restores the body’s natural chemistry, thereby making one healthier. If you are addicted to opiates like Vicodin, Lortab, OxyContin or heroin, then the detox program that you go through would call for close supervision.

In case the detox program is successful and the person is determined to kick the habit of consuming opiates, then the chances of recovery would be greatly increased. It is good to know your options if you have made up your mind about giving up drugs. When you are seeking opiate addiction treatment options you will be able to come across different options and depending on your needs, you need to choose one of them.

The first treatment option that you can choose is the cold turkey method. This method is nothing but the act of suddenly and completely giving up opiates and vouching to never consume the same again. Going cold turkey is not an option for a lot of people because it is extremely difficult, uncomfortable and at times it can be life threatening since there are some withdrawal symptoms present.

Despite of this, it is certainly possible for an opiate addict to detox from opiates using this method. However be warned that only a few people have managed to be successful at quitting opiates with this method. The second detox option that you have is to locate a local treatment center. This is a safe way of getting over opiate addiction provided the treatment center is a reputable one that offers effective programs.

The withdrawal period can be extremely ugly and most people generally aren’t strong enough to be able to go through the entire period alone without the support and help of professionals. Choosing an opiate treatment center has one major benefit: it offers you medically supervised opiate detox. If you are afraid of going cold turkey, this is the best alternative that you have.

If you manage to enroll yourself in a local drug rehab then you will have to go through the detox program during your stay and this program typically lasts about 3-7 days. In this program prescription medications would be given to you for the purpose of managing your withdrawal symptoms.

These medications are highly useful for keeping you from falling sick when your body is detoxing from drugs. Irrespective of the type of opiates you are using, i.e. whether it is heroin or prescription pain pills, you will be able to quit it with the help of a good detox program.

After going through a local treatment center you should also enroll yourself in a rehab because these do not just provide you with detox programs but they also instruct and educate you on how you can live a clean and sober life. Other detox options that you have are the rapid detox procedure and the ultra-rapid detox procedure.

These two procedures are fairly new and although they may sound alike but they are poles apart. A rapid detox option basically refers to a process that takes place for 3-5 days and encompasses the use of medications for managing the addiction.

An ultra-rapid detox procedure, on the other hand, is nothing but a process by which the patient is kept unconscious using anesthetics during the entire duration of his or her stay. Here the patients’ bodies go through complete detoxification when they are ‘asleep’, thanks to the general anesthetics. While this procedure may not be a magic bullet, this opiate addiction detox option can certainly be effective for some people.

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