Opiate Addiction Detox Treatment

Opiates are substances that contain some form of opium which is a very powerful narcotic. Opium is normally extracted from the pod of the poppy Papaver somniferum. This substance can be ingested through smoking or orally. There are a lot of treatments that may require the use of opium; however, it is more common to find people misusing this substance. When an individual decides to take any drug that contains opium, he or she will have to deal with a lot of consequences.

As was mentioned before, any substance that contains opium is very powerful and thus it can become addictive. Addiction to opiates can be a very dangerous experience since it compromises a lot of things in the life of the individual that is addicted. Below are just a few of the consequences that may be experienced by an addict. If any of these signs are noticed, then it is prudent to seek detox from opiates.

Effects of Opiate Abuse

One of the things that may arise as a result of taking opiates is a weakening of the womb. This means that if a woman has been taking a lot of this substance, she is likely to have a compromised womb. If she therefore gets pregnant there are very high chances of miscarriage. This condition does not easily go away unless proper treatment has been carried out. If treatment is not given to the addict, then she can suffer from multiple miscarriages in her lifetime.

Opiate Addiction Detox Treatment

Another one of the things that may be brought about as a result of using opiates is constipation. This substance normally has a negative effect on the muscles that are responsible for bowel movements and that is why an individual may have difficulty when trying to pass stool. What happens is that the muscles that are responsible for contracting the bowels are relaxed or collapse and thus the end result is discomfort.

The next one of the effects of opiate abuse is in regard to the social life of the individual. Most of the people who get addicted to opiates hardly ever remain responsible and thus they are likely to suffer unhealthy social lifestyles. Nobody would like to be associated with a drug addict who can hardly remember the date due to intoxication and that is why such people normally have very few or no friends.

Another symptom of opiate abuse can be noted when an individual starts becoming paranoid over nothing. This is usually accompanied by a number of things which may include delusions or hallucinations. In cases where such effects have been observed, the most prudent thing to do is to get detox treatment. If an individual who experiences such signs does not get help as soon as possible, then the effects may become permanent.

One of the most important things that anyone should remember during detox treatment is that diet plays a very big role in recovery. Indeed it is true that an addict is most likely going to lose their appetite and that is why diet must be taken seriously. If the addict does not have a balanced diet, then the effects of treatment may not be very effective.

The body must be well nourished in order for it to respond positively during treatment. It is therefore vital for the individual to eat a healthy balanced diet regardless of his or her appetite. Another one of the most important things to keep in mind is that exercises are a great way to achieve rapid recovery. By engaging in exercises, the individual will ensure that all the nutrients consumed are distributed evenly throughout the body.

It is also true that during detoxification, the body may react negatively to the fact that there is no opiate in the system. In order to counter such negative effects, the body must be well trained to cope with the shocks that are bound to be experienced. The next one of the things that should not be ignored is the fact that during detox a lot of complications may arise.

Since the body has become dependent on opiates, it may not be able to adjust to not having the substance in the system and thus an individual may experience very dangerous withdrawal effects. In order to deal with such concerns, it is wise for the individual to get treatment from a qualified expert. This expert is going to be able to prescribe treatment for any condition that may arise during detoxification from opiates.

Getting treatment for an individual who is abusing opiates is not a very difficult thing since there are several institutions that are able to help. Opiate abuse rehabilitation centers are ideal for treatment but help can also be sought from places like; churches, schools, health facilities among many other institutions in the region.

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